5 Basketball Betting Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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Americans love basketball. And when it’s the NBA season, then there is no stopping our heartbeats. If you like sports and would want to bet in order to make a some quick bucks, then you are in the right place. You might love the Knicks, Lakers or the Bulls, but you will have to keep your likings at bay while betting on basketball. 

There are other common mistakes that sports bettors do. To learn from their mistakes, keep reading this article. 

  1. Place Bets on Too Many Games

One of the best things with basketball is that there are way too many options to bet on because there 토토스포 are so many matches that go on round the year. In such situations, it is easy to get carried away. If you think of placing multiple bets, then you are less likely to make quality picks, and as a result, end up not winning any bet at all. 

  1. Ignore the Team Controlling the Paint

Over the years, basketball, as a sport, has changed quite a bit. The team to control the paint tend to have a larger rebounding differential. Besides, they manage to score way more points being close to the basket. You might tend to have more trust in players who are pros at long-range shooting. But ignoring the team that controls the paint can be a big mistake. It is because there is a good chance that this team would be dominant in the entire game. 

  1. Make Spread Betting on Favorites

This is one mantra that I follow whenever I am betting on college basketball. College players are kids who are somehow more likely to make mistakes and play in an unpredictable manner. It is best to avoid spread betting if you are betting on college basketball. However, things are different with the NBA games. 

  1. Overlooking Game Location

Many matches are between underdogs and mass favorite. People place wagers anticipating the win of the favorite team. But what these people forget to take into consideration is the stats of a team’s win-rate when they are playing home matches and  away matches. Maybe the underdog team performs better while playing home matches or does a terrific job in away matches. In these cases, the chances are good that it might defeat the popular team. So, it is best to keep the location of the game in mind while betting on basketball. 

  1. Being Too Desperate

None have 100% luck while betting on sports. And betting on basketball is no different. You are very likely to have some hits and some misses. But many bettors try to make up with reckless betting for the losses they have incurred. Making this mistake is way too easy in the case of basketball because there are many games going on and you have many options. 


There is no rule of thumb for being a master at basketball betting. You will have ups and downs. The two things that you can follow is, think rationally while placing a bet and keep yourself mentally prepared in case things don’t go as planned. 

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