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Deuce Wild is basically a rip off version of online poker, in which the goal is to earn the best possible hand. But there’s a twist. All deuce cards stack up as wild cards, so if you have a deuce in your hand, you are actually holding three of a kind wild cards. If you remove that card from your hand and 토토 try a new hand, you will have to reveal whether or not you have any other cards in your hand that can help you win.

The Wild Card Slot:

So how does deuce stand for the wild card slot? The most likely reason is because it usually represents the highest card on aces and eights. That’s why it has been called the wild card slot. If you eliminate an aces or eights from your deck, it is usually fairly difficult to come up with a hand that can beat you. Most people would say aces and eights are the worst suited hands to take on aggressive, hands intent on taking your money or throwing you off your game. However, by removing the top card (Ace or King) you open up a world of possibilities.

If you have an Ace in your hand, it is worth going for an Ace/King combination. This is known as the Ace Pair. You could try an Ace/10 or an Ace/8 if you’re feeling adventurous. There are sometimes very specific reason why playing with an Ace/King is better than not playing with an Ace/Queen. In some situations the Ace/King will be the highest card on your hand and with no Queen to act as a buffer, it makes it more likely you will win.

If, on the other hand, you have a deuce in your hand, it is worth starting the betting with five cards. The deuce, because it is an Ace, opens up betting opportunities because there are no other cards left. If you are already reasonably sure you have a winning hand then raising to seven cards makes the most sense. If you are trying to make a set, the five cards are often a safe place to start.

Aces and eights are often interchangeable terms where an Ace is higher than the deuce. When betting with one of these, if the ace is raised the odds will often change dramatically. Raising an ace to the highest card possible often only has value if the top card is an Ace or King. If the highest card is something other than an Ace or King of the value of the raise is often reduced.

Deuces are great hand to have and can win many hands. Remember to stay conservative and don’t get greedy with your bets. The deuce is often a good starting hand, when you are just building up your chip stack. Start raising to a limit that you are comfortable with and build from there. Playing Texas Hold’em online with some experience will help you pick the right starting hand.

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